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Lunchbox Welder
Longevity WeldMax LC

I have been supplied 2 welding machines to review. Both of these machines are low cost inverter type power sources that can be used with household 230V power. Because they are inverters, they draw less amperage than the older transformer and rectifier machines.

I am not knowledgeable enough to discuss the pros and cons of buying products from overseas. We have been buying oil from overseas for years. Along with auto parts, electronics, etc. I would strongly suggest searching forums for other peoples experiences with the imported machines. There are some advantages to buying things from US companies. The customer service may be better, the availability of parts, eresale value etc.

I have no bias for or against any of the companies. I have been provided t he machines to review as I see fit with no restrictions on what I can or cannot say. If anyone else has one of these and would like to let me know how it is working, I may post that information here .

The machines may or may not be a durable as what is assembled here in the US. As of this writing, they seem to be fine for home use and light industrial. I would need to throw one around a bit 1st and I just don't want to!

These machines are imported by Longevity and Everlast. There are NUMEROUS other importers of various names with machines that appear VERY similar. These are just the only ones I have reviewed.


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