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Here is some information I found from one of the FCAW Electrode Manufacturers that can get you started with pretty good operating parameters. This information duplicates the parameters for ESAB Wires. ESAB has a great deal of information about their FCAW filler metals on in their FCAW Product Book

Other manufacturers should be consulted for exact setting. Also note, this is for E71T-1 wire with CO2. Values/Characteristics will change if using 75/25.


Approximate Suggested Welding Parameters for FCAW E71T-1




Diameter Volts Amps Optimum Volts Amps Optimum Volts Amps Optimum
.035"(0.9 mm) 20-30 130-280 26V, 200A 16-23 90-80 23V, 150A 20-28 130-240 26V, 200A
.045"(1.2 mm) 23-30 150-290 27V, 240A 22-26 150-250 25V, 200A 24-29 150-250 27V, 210A
.052"(1.4 mm) 24-32 180-310 28V, 260A 21-26 150-230 25V, 210A 24-30 160-280 28V, 220A
1/16"(1.6 mm) 25-34 180-400 28V, 275A 21-27 180-300 25V, 220A 24-30 180-310 28V, 240A



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