Learn a Specific Task

If you or your organization are interested in just learning one or two aspects of the welding trade, I can customize a program for you . Why would you send your employees through a 200 hour course when all you want them to do is make fillet welds with GMAW. Or why would you spend the money on taking a basic welding class when what you really want is to learn the ins-and outs of passing a 3G/4G plate test with SMAW.

Subjects that can be covered

  • Requirements for taking various certifications tests
  • How to weld vertical with 7018 and have it look good
  • Methods for practice that spend time building skills.
  • AWS CWI Subjects and how to study on your own.
  • Making the jumb from plate welder to pipe welder.
  • Fundamentals of the GMAW (Mig Process) for the stick welder.
  • Using FCAW in the field to maximize production and quality.
  • How to test and certify welders in accordance with various codes and standards.
  • Using codes and standards.
  • and many others... Contact me if you have a specific need.