Welding Inspection Services

With 35 years of experience in various industries utilizing welding as the prime joining process, I can provide inspection services for owners, engineering firms, fabricators, erectors, and other inspection firms. Do you need an inspector that is dedicated to 100% compliance with all project specifications? If you are looking for actual inspection and not someone to just sign some papers, I am the person that can help you!

Full Time or part time surveillance can be performed at shop and field locations.

Welding Inspection and Testing Services can provide a  wide range of inspection services. From pre-job kickoff meeting to final commissioning. 

Services include:

I can assist with reading and interpreting contract specifications and referenced codes and standards to assist your organization in compliance or perform inspections to assure your specifications are followed during fabrication.  I have performed inspections in accordance with various codes and specifications. I have been an AWS CWI since 1990 and have performed inspections on boilers, pressure vessels, piping, structural steel, rotating equipment, fabricated metal products, TEMA Heat Exchangers and other products. I have taken and passed the CWI exam 3 times and passed. I have had 3 CWI numbers. All self study. I can help you become a CWI if needed.

I am also current in MT and PT methods and can provide NDE services.

AWS CWI 07010011 which can be verified at https://app.aws.org/certification/search using my number and my last name Austin.