Greeneville, Tn

Welder Testing

One of the most abused terms in the industry is “ Certified Welder”. The mystery surrounding the term exists in the minds of employees and companies alike. If you feel your welders must be tested and certified, let me help you with the process. I can do the testing myself, supervise part of it to assure code compliance, or train people in your organization how to do it yourself (Yes, that is allowed in many cases). For most codes and standards, there is no requirement for the individual doing the testing to be an AWS CWI.However an individual who is a CWI has demonstrated a basic knowledge and understanding of varios aspects related to welding inspection. Testing and Certification of welders is part of the body of knowledge however my experience goes back quaite a few years as far as testing and certification of welders.

I have experience in various codes and standards including \AWS D1.1,AWS D1.5,  ASME Sec IX, AWS D14.3, AWS D14.6, AWS D17.1 and project specific testing requirements.

I first certifed as an AWS Certified Welding Inspector in 1990. I am familiar and experienced with the process for both performance qualification and procedure qualification. Should you need Welding Procedure Specifications developed and qualified, let me help.

Please take some time and read the presentation regarding “Certified Welders