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TEST Position or Weld Position ?


To see more information related to this topic go to http://www.sperkoengineering.com/html/asme.htm and click on the "POSITIONS" link. Read the other articles too.


Positions used for testing welders and procedures are given designation by various codes. The commonly used codes in the US are Designations such as 1G,2G,3G,4G,5G,6G for groove welds. Fillet welds are designated as 1F,2F,3F,4F,5F. 

These designations are for the position of the test only. I and I'm sure many others have either created or seen welder performance qualifications with that indicated a person was qualified for 1G,2G,3G,4G.  That is incorrect. The positions qualified should be listed as Flat, Horiz, Vert, Overhead. The position the test was taken in refers to 1G, 2G etc.

This is referenced in ASME Sec IX's introduction. This refers to changes made in 1980.

The new revision to position indicates that a welder

qualifies in the 1G, 2G, 3G, etc., position and is then

qualified to weld, in production, in the F, V, H, or O

positions as appropriate. QW-461.9 is a revised table that

summarizes these new qualifications

Here is why

1) The test positions have limits on how far they can deviate from a given plane.


Groove welds may be made in test coupons oriented in

any of the positions in figure QW-461.3 or figure

QW-461.4 and as described in the following paragraphs,

except that an angular deviation of 15 deg from the specified

horizontal and vertical planes, and an angular deviation

of 5 deg from the specified inclined plane are permitted

during welding.


2) Welding positions have limits on how far they can deviate from a given plane.



wpeF.gif (24517 bytes)

wpeE.gif (8933 bytes)

3) 1 and 2 above are NOT the same. 

    A 3G test can tilt forward or backward 15 degrees and still be considered 3G. Tilt it forward or backward more than 15 degrees, it is no longer 3G nor is it a 1G or 4G. It is a special position. If I indicate I am qualified "3G" that does not include the position shown in the 2nd picture below. However if I indicate I am qualified Vertical, that includes the position shown in the picture below.

3GLimit1.jpg (24753 bytes)

inclined45deg.jpg (19027 bytes)

3G tilted forward 15 Degrees IN accordance with ASME Sec IX Para

Inclined 45 Degrees from Vertical and Horiz



The range of positions qualified is referred to by the actual position and NOT the test position.

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